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05/05/15 06:36 PM #7    


Carrie Chilson (Livingston)

I agree with the D.J. Especially playing the tunes from our year. And if more people come to this reunion a band would take up too much space.Can't wait. It's going to be so much fun!!

05/08/15 10:42 PM #8    


Jon Olson

Please send your song request to me (Jon Olson) at've got a lot of songs picked out already but I'll play whatever you want to dance to. Looking forward to seeing you all and playing the music you want to hear.

05/09/15 04:27 PM #9    

Lisa Miles (Bailey)

Not in response re: DJ or Band but inquiring as to the date of the last update of the missing classmates?


05/09/15 05:08 PM #10    

Roy Gaither

Lisa, Is there someone in particular you are looking for?  I have been searching for people and finding a few. I will be doing a limited mailing to some of them I only have adresses for. If you want someone special let me know. And that goes for everyone.

05/09/15 05:43 PM #11    

Lisa Miles (Bailey)

Roy, I was just asking because I located some, contacted them and they already knew.  Just trying to avoid duplicate research. :)


05/09/15 08:52 PM #12    

Roy Gaither

Lisa, Please send me the ones you have contacted along with their information. My email is

Thanks for your hard work.


05/10/15 08:34 PM #13    


Vicky Roark (Conner)

Lisa, you have always been a great advocate for locating classmates!! We have three ways to contact folks on a regular basis.  1) this website; 2) facebook and 3) the original list I've been working on for 40 years lol!  So, yes there is some duplication but it's best to be thorough.  There are over 110 classmates on this site, about 220 email addresses and a ton of others on fb.  Roy is spearheading finding classmates that do not have email.  Please keep tracking folks down and let me know of email addresses so I can update the master list.  You are so awesome to have continued to be in touch!!  Hope to see you soon.

05/11/15 01:48 PM #14    

Kathy Prevatt

If you have other music you wish played on that Saturday night at the Elks Club, please send a play list of songs/artists to Jon Olson at the email address he has provided so that he can put that play list together at your request.  That way, everyone can have the songs they wish to hear played at some point during the night.

06/19/15 03:58 PM #15    

Teresa Hart

I like the idea of using a DJ so that the music from 1975 can be played.  Hope to see a lot of class mates.

07/25/15 07:24 PM #16    


Ginny Galloway (McLeod)

Hey everyone ! Getting excited about our up coming reunion !!  I can't wait to see you all and get caught up ;) Oct. 9th-10th is approaching quickly ! See ya soon !

08/05/15 12:22 PM #17    


Dwayne Pass

How many have indicated they will be at the reunions so far? I

08/05/15 04:10 PM #18    

Roy Gaither

As of 4:00 pm today (8/5/15) we have 30 classmates plan on attending the Friday night affair an 39 plan on attending the Saturday reunion. Spread the word, talk it up and get people excited.

08/20/15 06:55 PM #19    

Tom Tilman

Has anyone tried to reserve a room at the Holiday Inn Express?  I tried and they did not know anything about the special rates.

08/21/15 06:46 AM #20    

Roy Gaither

Tom, Your email was fowared to the Manager of the Holiday Inn and should be cleared up in the next day or two. Thanks for letting us know.

08/21/15 11:38 AM #21    

Tom Tilman

I talked to Charles Harris this morning and got it worked out.  Our discount is not in their system and we will have to talk to Charles when we want to make the reservations for our class.  Thanks.

08/25/15 05:52 PM #22    


Ginny Galloway (McLeod)

Hey there Class of 75ers....Do any of you know if there is a deceased classmate that is not on our list ( In Memory ) ?  We want to make sure we have that correct. Thank you .

08/26/15 01:21 PM #23    

Shirley Gardner (Cobb)

Darlene Engebretson passed away 3/8/13.

08/26/15 08:11 PM #24    


Ginny Galloway (McLeod)

Thanks for the info. Shirley .

08/27/15 11:44 AM #25    


Ginny Galloway (McLeod)

Remember !!! For those of you interested , we are having a meeting tomorrow @ The Winery ... 6:30 sharp ;) Hope to see you there !


08/29/15 08:29 PM #26    


Carrie Chilson (Livingston)

Wow 74! Will the Elks club hold that many people? How great if we all are able to come!!! ☆☆☆

08/29/15 11:51 PM #27    


Vicky Roark (Conner)

Shirley, thanks for the response.  Darlene was always such a sweet girl.  I'm sorry to hear of her passing.  Thank you for letting us know.

09/03/15 04:12 PM #28    


Jon Olson

09/04/15 10:47 AM #29    

Jeannie Varnadoe (Littleton)

Thanks a lot Jon!  Believe it or not, I remembered part of it.  It's such a catchy tune!

09/07/15 07:19 PM #30    

Lisa Miles (Bailey)

Obituary Ray Belcher

BELCHER, Ray, 57, died August 31, 2015. Survived by kids, Shawn, Todd, Breanna; sisters Mary Ann, Alice. Pre-deceased by son Travis. Morgan FH.

Published in on Sept. 5, 2015

09/17/15 11:31 AM #31    

Bruce Blanton

Sorry to hear about Ray, such a good friend from back then. Prayers to his family.

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